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Heather wrote
I purchased it because of the unique design and effects that are in them.

Luis wrote
You have an awesome product there!!!!

Westy wrote
Magic. I made my screensave and my friends though it was excellent so i refered them. i like to call it FlashWiz(ard) because this program is simply magic. Many congrats on a stunning product.

Wendy wrote
I was looking for a screen saver program to try out before purchasing. Not too many people give that option. GREAT JOB!

Speedo wrote
Wow, I downloaded FlashWiz last week. It is fantastic, I had all but given up on writing screensavers due to bad software, but this changes evrything. I want to be able to give away free screensavers on my site to encourage visitors to come back. Thanx very much for such a brilliant product. Speedo www.kelmel.co.uk

PC ANSWERS (Jan 2001 issue)
 Listed 1st in the 10 "Must-have utilities" section on page 27

Martin Witters wrote

  AWESOME program. You make it so easy to just go in there and plug in an swf file then set a few other settings and voila! you've got a screen saver.

Theresa Bennett wrote
  I love your Flash saver! I just created my first Flash screen saver with your program and I have tried the other versions, but yours has them beat for features and branding options and it's much more affordable. I just love it, in fact I'm probably going to create a free screen saver site some day now (I'm still really learning Flash too).

Curtis Cartmell wrote
 Awesome job on the FlashWiz program... It has some amazing features.

Bill Cassidy wrote
 I love your screen saver maker. It works great.

Aron Covaliu.

 I just downloaded FlashWiz yesterday and I absolutely love it.

William Bonnell
  you developed a very impressive piece of freeware

Sabine Wenzel
  Very good product, and good marketing conception! Congratulation!

Christian Jeschke
  the very best screensavertool for flash - i've tested about 10

James Jennings
  I like the price of your software :cheap software stops piracy

Sam durocher
  AWESOME product!

Dawn Shears
That was about the _only_ easy thing I did today. I didn't even need to read the documentation to use your software. Either I'm really smart...or you have a great little product. (I'd like to think both)

Ajay Jindal
An excellent product, very simple yet very powerful!

Rick Lawson
This product is great. The Best Software for the job at the very best price! Thanks FlashWiz! When I first came to your site and saw the free download and all that, I thought, Oh great, a half-functional demo of some $500 program. Then I looked a bit more and found that this program has everyone else beat! You can choose to create screensavers that will be seen by people, and help promote this company, or you can do your part to sustain them by paying a miniscule $49 fee and get advertising free screensavers.

Sam Hedzrin
wow...woow..wooowww..5 star product..keep it up

Matthias Kannengiesser
A awesome Tool - the Cybercollege/FlashStar Team tested the Version 1.5 and it was awesome how easy FlashWiz generates working Screensavers.

Fantastico, ho cercato per 3 giorni un programma così. complimenti! *** Great, I've search for 3 days a programm like this. very compliments!

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